The Partners are in charge of decision making relating to efficient handling of legal briefs and quality management in all the Departments.

The Heads of Departments are in charge of departments and ensure smooth running of the departments.

The Head of Branch office is in charge of the branch and reports to the Head office regularly.

Instructions are normally received and stamped by the receptionist who hand the instructions to the managing Partner for allocation to the concerned advocate within the date of receipt of instructions. Upon receipt of instructions an acknowledgment accompanied with the course of action is done and delivered to the client within one day and if it is an urgent brief an acknowledgment is done within the date of receipt by email together with telephone briefing.

We issue reports every fourteen days for ordinary matters and for urgent matters reports are pegged on the urgency of the matter and the prevailing situation.

There is an arrangement to issue quarterly reports on all pending matters for corporate clients.

We work between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday but may extend working hours if urgent matters arise.

Depending on the circumstances we avail ourselves to our clients outside the chambers for purposes of taking instructions and also attending board meetings and giving advice.

The law firm has an Administrator who ensures smooth running of day to day activities and coordination of the various departments and the branch

We maintain an insurance Cover of Kshs 100,000,000 and we are always ready to enhance the cover in accordance with our Clients’ expectation