Samuel Akolo Wanyanga Advocate is in charge of this Department

Under this Department we prepare Wills, Codicils and Trust Deeds on behalf of Clients

The Department handles succession and transfer of deceased persons property to their lawful beneficiaries as set out in the will and or ordered by the Succession court

The Department also handles matrimonial disputes by Prosecuting or Defending Divorce, Separation and Maintenance proceedings.

Adoption and Guardianship cases are handled by this department and as such we are able to move the court to issue Guardianship and Adoption orders as instructed by our clients. Other Children cases which are within the purview of this Department include issues to do with custody, access, maintenance and General welfare of Children.

Our main clients in this area include Adoption Societies, Children welfare Societies, Children Homes and Philanthropist. Other Clients are Spouses with disputes that cannot be amicably resolved.