Ms Joan Atieno Otieno Advocate is in charge of this Department
The work in this department involves all land disputes that end up in court and includes enforcement of obligations under sale agreements, dispute over ancestral land, enforcement f proprietary rights in land emanating from customary law and trust

Environmental matters have become of great concern to the whole world with many countries including Kenya enacting various legislations to ensure protection of the environment. In the process of enforcement of the aforesaid laws there are various challenges that result into disputes which end up in court or tribunal and this Department handles such disputes either by prosecuting cases on behalf of the Clients or Defending the claims

The Constitution of Kenya 2010, Land Act 2012, Registration of Land Act 2012 and Land and Environmental court Act 2012 establishes various rights to land and also regulates the interest of proprietors of land as a result of the new legislations there is increased litigation in the land and environmental department and this department handles the cases emanating from the Constitution and mention legislations

The Department prepares pleadings on behalf of clients and files the same in court and thereafter pursues the cases to logical conclusion. On the same breath we defend land cases on behalf of our clients

The Department handles matters of trespass, collection of rent and damages for unlawful use of land (mesne profits) and recovery of land by eviction of unlawful occupiers. We also prosecute and defend claims emanating from occupiers liability

Apart from appearing in court for clients, the department also appears in various forum established by the law to defend our clients land rights

Our Clients in this Department include land buying companies, Banks, Landlords, Investors, Architects, Project Managers, Surveyors and Land Valuers.