Conveyance and Commercial

Alloys Apell Kwengu Advocate is the Managing Partner and in charge of the department.

As part of the Commercial department services include the transfer of titles of real estate, preparation and registration of leases and Tenancy Agreements, Chattels transfers as well as the creation and registration of securities such as Charges, Mortgages, and Debentures. We carry out sub divisions including obtaining clearance and consents with the County Governments and the National Land Commission, the renewal of Leases and obtaining Changes of User.

The department handles mergers and acquisitions including all the requisite due diligences, incorporation of local and foreign companies, advising and preparation of agreements and documents relating to corporate, trade and asset financing, privatization of State corporations, preparation of all manner of Commercial Agreements including tender application and dispute over award of tenders and advising on debt and equity offerings through the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Additionally it undertakes the preparation of compliance manuals covering all processes in a clients business for internal as well as certification purposes as well as obtaining work/entry permits for our foreign clients.

The department’s business also includes the resolution of disputes of a Commercial Nature and services a cross section of companies in Banking, Commerce and Trading, Media, Construction and Real Estate. Disputes are resolved through mediation, arbitration or litigation.

We undertake the registration, renewal and assignment of Trade and Service Marks for local and overseas clients, Registration of Patents and Industrial Designs under the Intellectual Property Act, the PCT, and the Aripo Protocol.

We also defend and prosecute actions on infringement of Intellectual Property rights and copy right.

The disputes between parties that cannot be resolved by way of agreement end up in court and this department also provides technical support and advise in matters that end up in court

Our main clients in this area include a cross section of the country’s Developers, Banks, credit societies micro finance institution and new foreign investors keen to participate in Kenya vibrant economy.