Kiplagat Muita Advocate is in charge of this Department
The Insurance Industry has over the years experienced tremendous growth in terms of clients which growth has been as a result of diversification of the insurance products exhibited by various covers extended to the clients.

The Natural consequence of growth of the insurance industry and many products offered is increase of claims from the policy covers and this department offers a solution to litigation, negotiations and settlement of claims arising from various covers offered by the insurance company

The Department has assisted Insurance companies to fight fraudulent claims that are currently a great challenge to insurance companies and has contributed to collapse of some insurance companies.

The Department prosecutes and Defends claims in the areas of personal and material damage injury arising from Road Traffic accident, work injury and general injuries sustained elsewhere.

The bulk work in the department involves defending third party claims, Recovery of third Party outlays, Recovery of Premiums from the insured and brokers. Giving opinions on various areas of Insurance, advising on and preparation of legal/contractual documents covering underwriting, Bond, Guarantees as well as Re-insurance contracts.

The Department also deals with labour disputes between employers and employees whether they involve personal injuries at work termination of employment contracts or payment of terminal dues.

This Department is also in charge of General litigation that handles civil disputes between parties.

Our main clients in this area include Insurance Companies, Insurance brokers, Employers and Insured person