Anthony Edwin Kiprono Advocate is in charge of this department. The work involved in this area is specialized and calls for a critical legal mind, an eye for detail, speed and diligence.

Recovery of debts is an area of particular concern in the business world. In view of constraints in the court system and realizing that our primary objective is to deliver tangible results to our clients, we set up a Debt Collection Unit currently manned by debt collector/investigators. The unit supplements and complements court action and has greatly increased both turnaround and recovery rates.

This department’s work include preparing court pleadings and filing the same in court, prosecuting cases on behalf of clients and also liaising with Auctioneers to recover the amounts awarded by court.

Apart from filing cases on behalf of the Clients this Department also Defends cases on behalf of Clients who have been taken to court and advises client on the best way to approach litigation while prosecuting and Defending

With the introduction of Public procurement Oversight Authority Tribunal the Department has been able to successfully handle a number of matters on behalf of clients who include state corporations and private corporations either prosecuting or Defending claims in the Tribunal

Commercial litigation extends to recovery of loans by Co-operative societies, micro finance institutions and generally recovery of damages for breach of agreements or enforcement of the agreements through court action. The Department also Defends claims arising from the aforesaid situations on behalf of clients

Negotiation are an integral part of court matters and under the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, Alterative Dispute resolution is given priority as such this Department undertakes negations if it suits our clients.

Our clients in this area include private corporations, Statutory bodies, Banks, Micro Finance Institutions, Co-operative Societies, Lending Institutions, and individual Business persons